FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

- Do you ship to... ?

It is possible to ship worldwide. Standart shipping options in the online shop system is the EU, the US and Canada. If you have problems or questions with the shipping, just contact me on facebook or the "KONTAKT" page.


- Shipping costs

  • Germany: 6,90 Euro - free shipping on purchases over 150,- Euro
  • European Union: 16,99 Euro - free shipping on purchases over 200,- Euro
  • US + Canada: 34,99 Euro
  • Worldwide: please ask...

- Paketboxen (germany only)

Please note: shipping to a DHL "Paketbox" in germany is only possible with a box up to 60cm lenght.

Bitte beachten: Ein Versand an Paketstationen der DHL ist nur für Pakete bis 60cm möglich.


- Where do i find the UK and the US in the shipping options... ?

I still have some issues with a bilingual ordering system, so the order has to be made in german, sorry for that. If you are not sure about the shipping destinations UK and US:

  • United Kingdom - Vereinigtes Königreich
  • United States - Vereinigte Staaten

- Payment

Payment is possible with paypal and bank transfer. all payment is in advance.

Note: when you pay with paypal i will send the order to the adress on your paypal account (for insurance reasons)


- My favourite product is sold out / I need more products than available..

 Your favourite product is sold out at the moment or you need more than there are listed in the onlineshop? Then contact me on facebook or the "KONTAKT" page.

It is no problem for me to make higher quantities or re-stock products, just ask me..


- I want to have some different paracord color...

Your favourite paracord color is sold out at the moment or not available in the onlineshop? Then contact me on facebook or the "KONTAKT" page.

I have a bunch of paracord in different colors in my little workshop or the possibility to order missing paracord and wrap the training blades of your choice in your color.


The aluminium trainingsweapons getting dark grey, what is the reason?

The aluminium i use may get some patina on the surface (humid conditions or sweat are two possible factors). The patina is not affecting the quality of the trainingweapon, it is just an optical effect.


- Do you make custom works.. ?

At the moment i do not have the time to do any new custom aluminiumtrainingweapons - sorry..

trainingsmesser aluminiummesser kali arnis eskrima
Cordmesser "Limited Edition" 2016